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Tips on how to make money from recycling

Find out what can be recycled

  1. Tip1

    Depending on the State where you live there could be a 5 or 10 cent deposit on glass, metal, plastic bottle, can, jar, cartons, etc. To make extra cash, contact sellers selling such items on sodacans.org. Work out the pick-up time, location and profit split with them. Let us say that you picked-up 200 cans, which at 10 cents per can comes to $20, each time. Even with a 50/50 profit split, you can make an easy $10 for yourself, with minimal effort.

    1. Find out your state's bottle deposit

    1. Find recycling centers in your city

  1. Tip2

    Most scrap dealers will buy commonly found scrap metals like Aluminum, Iron, etc. Search for individuals selling items like storm doors, pipes, gutters etc on sodacans.org. A few aluminum doors and some gutters and you have 50 pounds, which at 25 cents a pound is worth $12.

    1. Find out what scrap metals can be sold

    1. Find scrap dealers in your city

  1. Tip3

    Another way to make money is by selling newspapers and other paper-based recyclables to a recycling plant. Search for individuals selling newspapers, phone books, cereal boxes, etc on sodacans.org. Think about all the junk mail that we get, you can easily collect a 100 pound sack per week from just a few listings on sodacans.org. At 25 cents a pound, that can fetch you $25 or more every weekend, and it won't involve all your time.

  1. Tip4

    Any junk dealer will buy car batteries from you. While potentially toxic if not disposed of correctly, Car Batteries are completely recyclable. Smelting plants recycle the lead while the plastic and even the acid is reclaimed too. Search for individuals selling Car Batteries on sodacans.org. You should be able to get up to $5 a piece

And that is just the beginning, there is a whole lot of money to be made selling recyclable items.